Healthy beef product sales are the corner stone of ranching for Wilton and Carolyn Wilton. They have cattle on their almost 300 acre working ranch near Bryan-College Station where they feed out their steers for processing and where they keep the seed stock for the business. “We started with two bred cows, one with a heifer calf, in 1987, on 50 unimproved acres,” Wilton said. 
An integral part of the process is good record keeping. I can give my customer and the government too, information they need for breeding history.Their records are computerized; their records comply with the Country of Origin Labeling guidelines. Their ranch is registered in The National Animal Identification System (NAIS).
We emphasize our healthy beef products. We put our requirement for strict quality and conformation to work for us. We believe the Texas Longhorn is a beef animal and should have the ability to put meat on its bones. We use a state approved processor in Westphalia, Texas. There is a market for natural healthy products and we have the inventory to supply a big local part of it. We can minimally supply 3,000 lbs finished product annually. Check the testimonials on our web site and visit the links for Natural Beef Nutrition.

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We produce grass fed, heart healthy, Registered Texas Longhorn beef. (The organization that holds our registry will soon have a "Certified Longhorn Lean" label.) These steers are raised to 1000 lb live weight on Coastal Bermuda Grass Pastures in Central Texas. We believe humane treatment and gentle handling produces quality and tender beef. Our calves will follow us around the pasture. We had a recent birth weight of 71 lbs. Our breeding bulls are selected to produce adequate birth weights to produce muscular and meaty produce. The longhorn produces a low cholesterol, low fat, flavorful product that competes with chicken, turkey and pork for health ratings. See nutritional ratings at www.tlbaa.org. We provide all the traditional beef cuts in the 1/4 and 1/2 packages.

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